About Great Moments

Born from the gloriously hysterical wreckage of The Red Light District Variety Show at Le Chat Noir Cabaret, Great Moments in New Orleans History has become something of an institution in the Crescent City. A history lesson conducted in a nuthouse, perhaps.

It was at the Red Light show that author Bud Faust first teamed up with editor/publisher Rudy Vorkapic, with the good-natured but terribly untrustworthy Vorkapic surreptitiously including Great Moments sketches in early issues of his fledgling newspaper, The New Orleans Levee.

Great Moments in New Orleans History has run as a monthly column in The New Orleans Levee since 2006. As the paper has grown to a monthly distribution of 45,000 copies, Great Moments continues to be a reader favorite and an editing nightmare for Vorkapic. It is believed that these gratuitously excessive typos are Faust’s revenge for the editor’s original thievery.

The inaugural Great Moments episode – Bienville and the Founding of New Orleans – also served as the inspiration for Faust’s critically acclaimed play Beautiful Bastards, which played to standing-room-only crowds at La Nuit Comedy Theater during the summer of 2008.

Faced with a strong urge to make a terribly risky investment, Faust and Vorkapic teamed up in May 2009 to release the first Great Moments in New Orleans History book. Some compared the collection to Charles Bukowski’s Notes of a Dirty Old Man, while a few less generous others saw it as “Dr. Seuss on hallucinogens.” Unfortunately for Faust’s psychotherapist, the book not only broke even but even saw a modest profit.

At its core, Great Moments in New Orleans History has always been a celebration. A celebration of the uniqueness and endless character of the city we call home. Put simply, there is not another place in the world like New Orleans. And, most days, that is an amazingly wonderful thing.

Enjoy. And don’t get none on ya’.


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